The support of Bexleyheath BID has been tremendously valuable to Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice. A well-established charity within the local area, this partnership has made sense from the outset. The BID has not only proactively fundraised on behalf of the Hospice, but has facilitated exposure on a local level that has meant there has been increased awareness of the care and support services offered by the Hospice for local people living with life-limiting illnesses, their families and loved ones. Support from local businesses like the ones in the BID collective is vital to ensuring we can continue to serve the community and reach more people when they need it most.

Sarah O’Halloran- Head of Income Generation – Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice

The Bexleyheath Entertainer had a record breaking year for sales in 2015 and the Business Improvement District was crucial to our success. The BID were committed to providing a stress-free environment for staff and shoppers alike. The BID also organised events which attracted more customers. For example, people got in the festive spirit at the Christmas Fayre which made shopping at The Broadway a real day out. Despite the increased popularity of the area, the BID still supply the town with two full- time police officers. As a result, shoppers felt safe and reassured as they entered the store.

Caron Linyard – Store Manager – The Entertainer

A vital Bexleyheath town centre is really important to the London Borough of Bexley but, more importantly, to our residents. Since its inception, the Bexleyheath BID has brought new focus to the attractiveness, practicalities & partnership arrangements that has delivered new & innovative ideas that leave the town centre buzzing. This has resulted in new stores opening, creating a more pleasant environment and activities that have drawn in new custom. We are competing against other shopping centres & a successful BID will continue to promote Bexleyheath as a good place for people to come.

Councillor Teresa O’Neill OBE – Leader, London Borough of Bexley

Bexleyheath has a thriving town centre with increasing facilities and footfall. My officers police the area covered by the BID to make sure that people can attend the town centre and enjoy themselves safely, without becoming a victim of crime. I am very positive about our partnership with the BID. The fact that the BID has funded two police officers to be dedicated to the town centre is a sign of its continued dedication to working with us. My officers meet regularly with the BID and the BID now attend our fortnightly intelligence meetings to increase our communication and sharing of intelligence. This sharing of information has aided us to plan for operations such as Operation Equinox to tackle anti social behaviour and violence over the weekends, Operation Aquamarine, tackling antisocial behaviour, criminal damage and burglary. It has also assisted us to plan for events such as Black Friday and late night shopping over the Christmas period. With the current terrorist threat levels we are working with the BID to arrange training for businesses (Operation Griffin) in relation to safety in public places. I am pleased that we have continued to jointly fund drugs dog operations in the town centre which is assisting to lower our crime rates and the fear of crime in the area. Shoplifting in the area has reduced by 26% and MOPAC crimes have been reduced by 10.5%. I have nothing but praise for the BID and hope that our partnership can continue to grow over the coming years.

Jeff Boothe – Chief Superintendant – Bexley Borough Commander

Since the BID came into being, it has supported the Borough’s Mayoralty in so many different ways. Each Mayor has seen the benefit provided by the BID when attending events, such as the Mayor’s Civic Parade, Christmas celebrations, including the Christmas lights event and other displays organised in the town square, such as the launch of the Poppy Appeal in November 2015.

Events such as these draw quite literally thousands of people into Bexleyheath, many of whom then proceed to shop in the Broadway and associated shops. The effort, time and expense in arranging such events for our residents quite literally translates into an increased ‘footfall’ into the shopping centre.
Having worked closely with two BID managers, I have found them easy to contact, negotiate and work with. The BID always delivers what it promises to at an exceptionally high standard and this in itself reflects well on the business community with the Broadway Centre and the associated shops within Bexleyheath. Whilst I appreciate that the BID primarily exists to promote the work of its members within Bexleyheath, the outreach of benefit to the residents and visitors to the area is both tangible and obvious. I have had the pleasure of attending a significant number of events over the past five years that have been organised, or made possible by the BID team and they all promote and show off the town centre in its best possible light.

I wish you every success in your application for a second term, simply because of the benefit I feel sure you will continue to bring to our town and our borough.

Dave Easton – Head of Electoral and Members’ Services – London Borough of Bexley

Bexleyheath BID has made some good progress on improving Bexleyheath town centre, encouraging new businesses and improving the local street scene. I hope that over the next five years, more can be done to promote Bexleyheath as an attractive place for residents, shoppers and tourists to visit and enjoy.

David Evennett – MP Bexleyheath & Crayford


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