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We intend to promote Bexleyheath and its businesses through various media, including the internet. We want to help local businesses to benefit, for example, from collective, cheaper advertising and promotion at advantageous rates. We aim to attract more investment by working with key partners, the Council and other agencies.

Bexleyheath BID aims to attract more shoppers and visitor investment into its town centre by:


Working with local organisations to develop and extend a bespoke programme of leisure and entertainment events in the Bexleyheath BID area.


Running a “shop local” campaign to encourage residents and businesses to spend in the Bexleyheath BID area.


Running a strong media campaign to attract new investors, especially retailers, into the empty units.


Working with the media (newspapers, magazines and radio) to promote Bexleyheath businesses and events to a wider audience.


Developing a coordinated marketing strategy using generic branding that can be made available to all businesses within the Bexleyheath BID area.


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