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Join us as we celebrate some of Bexleyheath’s historical gems, right here in the heart of our town…

Bexleyheath’s iconic Clock Tower

We’re taking a look through time today with our iconic Clock Tower.

After nearly a year of planning, the foundation stone for the Clock Tower in Market Place was laid on January 8th 1911. It was officially unveiled on July 17th 1912 to commemorate the Coronation of King George V the previous year.

It’s now stood over us keeping the right time (mostly!) for over 100 years. Definitely worth admiring the next time you’re walking through town.

The Bank Bar

This week we look at the corner of the Broadway at The Bank Bar. This building was originally the London & Provincial Bank, built in 1915, and later became Barclays Bank. Though the building now encourages more Martinis than Mortgages, the exterior hasn’t changed a lot!

More changes will be happening to the Broadway and you can see an artist’s impression of the new look here. To find out more about the Bexleyheath Town Centre Revitalisation Scheme Phase 2 visit:

The Prince Albert Public House

Built in 1851, The Prince Albert Public House was honour of the royal consort and instigator of the Great Exhibition of that year. It is now one of the oldest surviving buildings in the Broadway.

In 1965 Courage Tavern Keg would cost you just 2/4d (2 shillings and 4 pence) a pint! Though it began to look a little tired, recently it has been refurbished to its former glory! Well worth a look, though you’ll need more than a couple of shillings for a pint unfortunately.

The Regal cinema opening 1934 – Bexleyheath’s longest queue!

John Newton Mallimon, vicar of Christ Church, Bexleyheath (on the left of the view) must have regretted that his services did not pull this crowd, which the adjacent Regal cinema did, which opened the day this photo was taken.

Christ Church dates from 1877, when Bexleyheath was starting to exert an independence from Bexley. After the cinema closed, the site was redeveloped as an Asda supermarket, which opened in 1988.

Bexleyheath Public Hall

During 1909 the Bexleyheath Public Hall near the Clock Tower became “Pease’s Perfect Pictures”, and also featured variety artists. One of these, the comedy singer Harry Quinton, took over the hall in December and within a year it has become the “Picture Palace”. An imposing stone-faced facade was built in 1929 and, despite being gutted by fire in 1934, the Palace continued to show films (later as “The Astor”) until the late 1960s, when it became a bingo hall. The building years later was a large party bar in the form of RSVP and then became Carib, a Caribbean themed restaurant. The building sadly stands empty now but we hope there will be a new chapter to add some day soon…. any requests?!

Christ Church, Bexleyheath

The Chapel-of-Ease built in 1835 was soon inadequate for the rapidly-growing population of Bexleyheath. An English Gothic design by William Knight was selected for a new church and the foundation stone was laid in 1872. The planned steeple was never added. The new Christ Church was consecrated in 1877.

In 2015 Christ Church remains a busy parish in the heart of our town. Sunday services can be attended at 8am, 10am and 6pm. If you’re passing on a Saturday between 10am-12pm tea and coffee are served in the church.

Delicious cakes are available! It’s a chance to sit and chat to friends, or make new ones. Do come along – they’d love to see you! ‪#‎LoveLocal‬‪#‎SupportLocal‬

The Rose Public House, Bexleyheath

It’s ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬ again!
This week we look at a public house, The Rose, that was first built in 1834. It was hit by a bomb in 1941 and a temporary building was erected so business could continue. In August 1955 building of the new pub began. For some years part of a bomb was kept outside the front door as a reminder of the building’s history. Nowadays there is no bomb at the door but you will find a warm welcome, a selection of great real ales, great pub grub and on a Thursday bring your voices for karaoke!

The Trinity Baptist Church

Dating back to 1868 the plot that Trinity Baptist Church was built on was purchased for £60 on what was a corner of a large strawberry field.

As the town of Bexleyheath built up around it’s walls, Trinity Baptist remains today a prominent landmark of Bexleyheath.

Today the Church serves the community with coffee mornings, prayer services, street pastor teams and a food bank to aid local people in times of crises. For more information on Trinity Baptist Church you can visit their website‬

The Golden Lion

Less than 200 years ago Bexleyheath was very different to the suburban town we know today.

As a main route from London to Canterbury and the Channel ports, up to 70 stagecoaches would trundle through the open land everyday. It was a wild, deserted place with a reputation as a haunt of Highwaymen. At its western end stood the Golden Lion, a coaching inn, which dates back to about 1730 and was sometimes used by local magistrates for their petty court sessions.

The Golden Lion public house now occupies this site with no sign of court proceedings but plenty of pints, packets of crisps and live sport instead!

Broadway, Bexleyheath: Then & Now

Less than 200 years ago Bexleyheath was very different to the suburban town we know today.

As a main route from London to Canterbury and the Channel ports, up to 70 stagecoaches would trundle through the open land, everyday. It was a wild, deserted place with a reputation as a haunt of Highwaymen.

Take a look here at some then and now images from different points of the Broadway. How amazing are they?!

Post Office, Bexleyheath: Then & Now

Stop oh yeah, wait a minute Mr Postman…

Yes it’s that time again, ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬! Here are some pics from our archives of the original post office on the Broadway.

The first dates back to pre-war Britain, 1905. Don’t they all look smart?! Now days the Post Office has moved to WHSmith further along the Broadway and unfortunately the uniforms just aren’t the same. Oh well!

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